The Full Gospel Baptist Publishing Incorporated 

Is a Chapter S corporation that provides the primary print media outlet for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International. The Alabama Corporation is comprised of its Board of Directors, the Board of Publishing, Editorial, and Product Management, and the Administrative Staff. It provides the following products and services to Christian fellowships and reformations:

1) Fellowship Publication newsletter (Enhanced Fellowship Dimensions) composition, distribution, and publication,

2) Creation and distribution of Fellowship endorsed Christian Education materials, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Bible Study supplements, and Sunday School commentaries,  

3) Promotion of Christian author/publisher contracts for editorial, marketing, and product distribution, 

4) Producing authorized graphic representations for both in-house and external publications, 

5) Recruiting authors and literary contributors for Christian publications,

6) Issuance of ISBN number assignments, Library of Congress registrations,
7) Providing for on-line purchasing of publications, texts, etc., and

8) Production, distribution, and marketing of Fellowship Praise and Worship song books, 

9) Provides on-line certification for church leadership positions.

Mission Statement
The publishing corporation is the vision of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., International Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship; established to: 
Broaden ministry used by church leaders through Christian Education, provide support to the Department of Training and Church Development, promote, market, and distribute original and comprehensive book publications and media that will enhance spiritual growth and maturity, and promote the theme of 
Changing a Generation
Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr
Presiding Bishop
Bishop Earnest L. Palmer
Bishop of FGB Publishing

Board Members
Bishop Cheryl Brown (WI)
Bishop George Brooks (NC) 
Bishop Bobby McCarter (MS) 
Bishop Earnest L. Palmer (AL)  
Dr. Mary Gilliam (MD)
Bishop Tommie Tripplet (LA)
Pastor H. Charles Canty, Jr. (GA)
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The Full Gospel Baptist Publishing Inc